a piece of kullabygden

The perfect gift


Color, light & form

All apieces of Kullabygden
Candelstick with a story!
Each compleatly unique.


Kullabygden is this fantastic place with genuine cultural history and nature that inspired me to create these candelsticks with many different pieces. Friends, professional designers and craftsmen made it possible. All pieces are personally designed by one of these creators. And finally I have selected parts and composed the final design. Where each candelstick has it’s own unique design and expression. Limited quantity per edition.



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Jag är aktiv under namnet apiceofkullabyggden på instagram. Jag publicerar där flera gånger i veckan. 

All the unique small pieces are from designers, ceramists and woodworkers fom Kullabygden All production: Kullabygden, SWEDEN

Angelika Bergman, ceramist
Camilla Lord, ceramist
Maria Wåhlin, silver/metal
Benjamin Holm, wood
Katarina Gill, glass designer
Monica Palmqvist, copper + Photo, styling & graphic design


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